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Core values of the institution

Every institution is running with its own vision and mission but apart from this, institution need to portrait its own valued features which is referred as core values of the institution.

Following are the Core values of our institution:-

 Planning & Implementation.

Planning & its implementation, plays a vital role in the development of any institution, without planning it is very hard to accomplish any targets, hence proper planning & its implementation is needed all the time.

 Providing Basic Facilities To All.

Our institution is running in rural, undeveloped & remote area, so it is the fundamental duty of our institution to provide all the basic facilities to our stakeholders.

 Evaluate And Improve Our Programs & Services.

Our institution always asked, collect, evaluate & take necessary action with respect to the feedbacks from all the stakeholders and improve accordingly.

 Maintain Transparency & Give Fair Treatment To All.

Our institution always keeps & maintain complete transparency with respect to financial, academic, administrative & other functions. Also provide fair treatment to all without indulging in any kinds of discrimination at all.

 Interact, Encourage &Empowered.

Our institution putting tremendous efforts in Interacting, Encouraging & Empowering all the stakeholders as well as surrounding localities.

 Following All Sorts Of Valued & Important Practise.

Our institution is following one of the Best Practice i.e. Heritage of celebrating various valuable days. Also our institution not only following all the valued & important practise but also believed that persistent of values is the only key to success.

 Promote Continuous Improvement For Sustainable Development.

Our institution knows that success, development is not achieved in one day, it needs continuous efforts & continuous improvements hence, always promoting for sustainable development.

 Committed To Support Our Vision And Mission.

Commitment is the need of hour, therefore our institution is continuously focusing and committed to achieve the best in accomplishment of our vision & mission.

Two Best Practice of Institution

I. Title of the Practice: - Heritage of celebrating various valuable days.

 To impart & develop value education.
 To develop leadership & boldness.
 To develop equality & humanity.
 Inculcating good habits & moral values.
 To develop culture & discipline.
 To nurture social awareness & responsibilities.
 To encourage for environmental education.
 To develop scientific temperament.
 To develop their contribution in sports & games activity.
 To develop skills & creativity.
 To develop Nationalism.
 To inspire, motivate & support the students for all round development.
 To mold the students so that they become an ideal citizen in future.

II. Title of the Practice: -Promoting students in various Competitive Examinations.

 To provide platform for various carrier guidance center.
 To encourage the students for enrolling in various competitive examination.
 To provide career guidance cell.
 To provide knowledge beyond the syllabus.
 To reduce the fever of examination.
 To understand time management
 To search & utilize study material & E- resource.
 To develop thinking ability.
 Fostering global competences among students.


 Do read Constitution of India once in a day.
 Do keep our College Campus Clean &Green.
 Do prevent Ragging.
 Do save Electricity.
 Do check on Wastage of Water.
 Reuse the backside ofUsed Paper.
 Do wear College Uniform daily & have your ID card.
 Do park your Vehicle in your Parking Slot.
 Do use Waste- Bins.
 Do optimize the use of Plastic.
 Do have your vehicle PUC.
 Do use Library.
 Do read Notice Board regularly.
 Do read Newspaper regularly.
 Do use flush in Toilet.
 Do aware of your Rights and Duties.
 Do cast your Votes in each and every Election.
 Do respect your Teacher and Elders.
 Do take care of your Personal Hygiene.
 Do give your Feedback.


 Don’t Smoke.
 Don’t use Tobacco.
 Don’t Spit anywhere.
 Don’t hesitate to complaint for your inconvenience.
 Don’t hesitate to report Eve teasing.
 Don’t do Cheating & Don’t underEstimate yourself.
 Don’t driveRrashly.
 Don’t use Abusive Language.
 Don’t throw Garbage here &there.
 Don’t used Unfair Means in any examination.
 Don’t useMobile in any Examination.
 Don’t indulge in any Anti-social activities.
 Don’t Discriminate any one
 Don’t break the Discipline of college
 Don’t be shy to participate in college co-curricular activities.
 Don’t Bunk the lectures.
 Don’t Pluck the flower.
 Don’t eat Junk Food.
 Don’t steal others property.
 Don’t waste our time & energy.

Laboratory Instructions and Safety measures

 Never work alone in the laboratory.
 Never eat, drink, or smoke while working in the laboratory.
 Always empty your waste chemicals in dumping container.
 Follow all the verbal instructions carefully. If you do not understand a direction or part of a procedure, ask your teacher before proceeding with the experiments.
 Read equipment instructions carefully before its use.
 Wash your hands with soap and water after performing all experiments.
 Immediately report any accident or injury to the concerning teacher.
 If a chemical should splash in your eye(s) or on your skin, immediately rinse with running water.
 Use waste bins for dumping the waste and broken glassware.
 Never pipette anything from mouth.
 Always dispose, studied plant material in college garden.
 Always behave safely and sensibly in the laboratory.
 Conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times in the laboratory.
 Never taste a chemicals or solutions.
 Never smell a solvent.
 Read label carefully before handling chemicals.
 Never throw sodium metal in the sink.
 Never use sink for throwing waste chemical.
 Always turn off gas, water and electricity before leaving laboratory.
 Always use an apron safety goggle and hand gloves while working in laboratory.
 Never look directly into a test tube or flask.
 Do not use laboratory glassware as containers for food or beverages.
 Keep hands away from face, eyes, mouth, and body while using chemicals.
 Know the locations of all safety equipment like first aid kit and fire extinguisher.
 Keep your lab space clean & organized.
 Be alert and proceed with caution at all times in the laboratory.

Contact Information

Phone No :- 07180-295355.
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