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Institutional Distinctiveness

Distinguishing Features of Our Institution: - Is To develop “Scientific Temperament” through Science Education and Also to “Popularise Science”.

 Our institution is located at Salekasataluka of District Gondia, which is an unexposed area with respect to higher education in the field of Science.
 Also our institution is the only institution which is running Granted section of “Science Faculty” in a rural, tribal, undeveloped, remoteand naxsalitearea since 2008 with a vision to provide “Science Education” and this make it’s Distinguish Identity among all the institution within 20km area of this region.
 Moreover, our institution is continuously showing 100% and above Admissions every year which ultimately opens number of vacant post in the faculty of science.
 For achieving our vision and for fulfilling of vacancies, our institution appointed well qualified, experienced and research oriented Teaching Faculty.
 Above 50% of Teaching Staff pursuing with Ph.D. Degree in various field of science.
 Our institution always promoting teaching faculty member for more participation & contribution in research work of science & technology.
 Almost all teaching staff using ICT based teaching- learning methods, which give a big platform for the students to know & understand the use of new technology.
 Through seminar sessions our college encourage the students to prepare their assignments & present their work through Power Point presentation so that they feel confident and develop habit of using various technologies.
 Our institution library is enabled with N-List Subscription & created N-List password for all the users, so that all the students and teaching faculty members should access and update themselves towards scientific discoveries.
 Our institution is organising “Science Exhibition” since last two years and promoting students for their participation, as such programs innovates ideas & thoughts of our students to build their scientific temperament.
 Our institution is also Forming & Inaugurating Chemical Society, Botanical Society and Zoological Society, so that students should take part as a member and contribute in various activities, which is carried throughout the session.
 Our institution contribute in lots of awareness program and spread scientific attitude among the students&surrounding societies.
 Our institution is celebrating various valuable Day such as National Science Day, World Environment Day, Earth Day, World Ozone Day, etc. to impart scientificknowledge in students.
 Our institutions encourages our students for taking part in various outdoor visits like industrial tours, research institutes, scientific centres to get experience & explore different aspects of research in the field of science & technology.
 In order to develop scientific temperament, institution is conducting “Various Guest Lectures” for the students regarding Disbelief and Malpractices which is the utmost need of ours surrounding societies.
 Our institution also organized one day Workshops on “Cyber Securities” for providing awareness among our students and also to know about the recent trends in science & technology.
 For the first time, our institution organized One Day National Conference on “Role of Researcher towards green economy” which prove to be the best experience in all respects. In all we are able to published 30 research paper in “International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research”and provide a big platformfor all the participants & learners coming from various fields, to share their knowledge, innovates new thoughts & ideas, and also to discuss on various current issues.
 Our institution signed Memorandum of understanding (M.O.U) with G-Net Technology Gondia, from last two years to impart training & to explore various possibilities in all Information Technology (IT) courses with 25% discount in fees, so that students of such remote area will grab the opportunity, learn, think & develop themselves in field of science & technology.
 Also with the support of our management, our institution have started Donating Two Newspapers Daily( Loksatta&Dainkbhaskar)tothe library of our neighbouring village “Nanwa”, so that all the students & visitors should update themselves daily and aware about all sort of knowledge & happenings around the nation.
 Our institution is also putting efforts to convert all the running non-grant sections of “Science Faculty” i.e. (PCM & CS)into granted one in future.
 Hence, to fulfil the utmost need or thrust of this area and also to accomplished our vision and mission, our institution is continuously focussing and performing all the activities towards scientific knowledge & popularising it among thesurrounding societies of this area.

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